Speciality of the month:

April opening 2004 : Nettle soup: Pick the top of young nettles, let them cook in hot water with a vegetable stock
and salt, mix evrything. Cook 5 tablespoon of tapioca in hot water, in a small pan and salt.
Add the cooked tapioca to the mixed soup. Serve with some crème fraîche.

The garden of the cottage with flowers Joubarbe aywaille
Peony and cornflower Joubarbe from Aywaille

May: The fresh mint starts to grow.
For an oriental touch make fresh mint tea with boiling water and sugar.
Rhubarb is growing ...a good rhubarb pie or compote ....
Lily of the valley and lilac are in flower...what a fragrance !

June :

Lebanese soup: Cook 2 cups of green lentils in 1,5 l of water for 1/4 h, then
add 2 cups of cut seakale beets and salt. Let it cook 5 minutes more then add
a good cup of fresh coriander. Delicious soup.

July August :

Red poppy in the cottage garden Sunflowers in the Ardennes Lis in the garden
Red poppy Sunflower Lis

September: The blackberry season, so many along the footpath

October: Apple picking.
Fast recipe for a good apple pie : on a fresh puff pastry, put some apple slices
mix 200 ml of crème fraîche with 2 eggs, cinnamon and sugar.
Poor the mixture on the apples.
Bake 30 minutes in a warm oven, 5 minutes before the end of the cooking, put some
slivered almonds on the apples...serve warm...delicious....

Apple tree in the garden cottage Horses in the field Our guests in the garden
snack with Australian

November : walnuts fall from the tree. Delicious plain yoghurt with pears, walnuts and honey.

December : Christmas and New year are coming...

Christmas tree in the Ardennes Happy New Year in the Ardennes
Happy Newyear to everybody !

January : the landscape is white... so much snow...

Snow in the Ardnnes Snow in the fields Goose in the snow Winter in the Ardennes with logs

February : Carnival in Maastricht (60 km from here)...fabulous fancy dresses ...

Carnaval red people Hippies bus Carnaval prince

Orange head Maastricht carnaval The pirat The ladies in the carnival Blue man

March : Springtime is here ...

Springtime in the garden Blue flowers The garden cottage

Yellow flowers White flowers The cottage with flowers


Aperitif: Olives the "Isle sur la Sorgue" (a city in the south of France, Lubéron) way. Enjoy with a glass of fresh Rosé wine...
Take a can of plain olives.
Add some olive oil, some fresh lemon juice and a few drops of Tabasco.
Add two cloves of garlic finely chopped, a tomato cut in tiny cubes, some fresh basil leaves or a mix of Provencal spices. Cover and allow to rest for two hours at least in the fridge.

Olives and wine in the cottage

Strawberry mint-cinnamon

Cut 500g strawberry. Add some sugar, the juice of one orange and some cinnamon.
All 5 leaves of mint finely chopped. Mix everything and let it 2 hours in the fridge.
Fresh and delicious desert.

A dog in the garden country cottage Silk,a very nice dog on holiday in the garden

La Redoute bike uphill Veronique and Dominique uphill "La Redoute"

Pumpkin in the Ardennes Pumpkins Sunflowers and pumpkins

A biker in La Redoute Joost Remerie down the Redoute

Good young bikers Boudewijn Wauters and his friend, 2 good bikers

Family and geocoaching Family Jens doing "Geocoaching"

The stone museum in Sprimont Stone sculpture Stone sculpture in Sprimont Sprimont Stone museum

Sprimont church Sprimont and its fountain Sprimont, the church and the fountain

Snow in the cottage garden Children playing in the snow The swing in winter Ardennes in winter January 2009

Twins playing in the tree Ellen and Sarah in the cherry tree april 2009

Lots of snow The garden under the snow Snow in the Ardennes

Christmas in the Ardennes Ice from the roof Snow on the road in the Ardennes
Winter 2010 So much snow ...

Wild flower Cherries from the garden
wild flower, cherries summer 2011

Forest in the Ardennes Walk in the forest A pond in the forest

A pond in the Ardennes A walk on the wild side Pine trees in the Ardennes
Indian summer 2011 Ardennes wood

Remouchamps The Ambleve river in Remouchamps Royal Hotel Bonhomme in Remouchamps Remouchamps

Merry Christmas in the Ardennes Christmas 2011, Best wishes for 2012 from Véronique and Dominique

Snow in the cottage garden Snow and sun Winter in the Ardennes
Snow view in January 2013

Lawn bowl new 2014