Gite Cocoon de Sur la


The Cocoon
            country cottage in the ardennes

Located in the Remouchamps commune and looking down on the Ambleve valley, "Sur la Heid" is a small village of only 34 houses. You can go walking directly from the cottage. GR 576 goes by the village. It is on top of the famous uphill "La Redoute" biker race Liège-Bastogne-Liège.
It is a very quiet place and the village ends up in a walking track that takes you to Aywaille.
The name of the village, Heid des Gattes, comes from the Walloon dialect that used to be spoken in the area. "Heid" means track and "gatte" means goat. Indeed, a flock of wild goats wanders around the village. The village is bordered by a natural reserve where you can find the famous "Joubarbe d'Aywaille", Sempervivum funckii var.aqualiense" , very much sought after by the connoisseurs.

Video from the natureal resort la Heid des gattes